Adan Álvarez

I'm a passionate Cybersecurity Engineer with over 13 years of experience in IT and more than 6 years of dedication to computer security. With an offensive security mindset, I have worked with clients from around the globe to improve their defenses and reduce cybersecurity risk at multiple companies.

What I Do

Cloud & CI/CD security

I have extensive experience and certifications in AWS cloud and pipeline security. I am ready to take the security of pipelines and the cloud to the next level and assist with related tasks and projects.

Security Planning

I enjoy developing custom security strategies that prioritize actions to help reduce risk at the lowest cost while also considering the business's specific needs. I am also passionate about creating awareness and helping other teams understand the importance of security.

Penetration Testing

I am skilled in penetration testing and can identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions to make systems more secure. I have relevant experience, and I am an Offensive Security Certified Professional.

Designing threat detections

I am passionate about designing threat detections based on MITRE ATTACK, as it makes it more difficult for attackers to achieve their objectives and reduces the risk for companies. I also believe that in-depth defense is vital in protecting against cyber threats.